Almost everyone in internet marketing will tell you that the money is in the list. And, to an extent, that's true. But - as with everything - the details involved make all the difference between building a list "just because" and having a list that makes you money. Decide on your offer This is the "hook" that you use to entice people onto your list. Most internet marketers will suggest that you give people a free gift in return for them surrendering their email address to you. That can work well, especially if the gift has a high perceived value. It could be an ebook, a video, an audio, a piece of software or near enough anything that is of value to your potential subscribers. Ideally the gift should be unique to you rather than something you've bought (maybe with PLR rights) that is available in hundreds of other places on the web. If you're making an offer... There is a school of thought that it's better not to have an offer for people to join your list. Personally, I'm still testing this method but initial results are showing that I get maybe slightly less subscribers but they're worth more. Put up a series of several pages, each one linking to the next, and put good quality information on those pages. Near the end of each page, put a "hook" to help encourage people to click through to the next page. Do that for several pages - between 3 and 7 seems to be the general suggestion. Then say that for more information people have to join your list. This has the advantage of getting rid of the "tyre kickers". People also get to know your style before they sign up to your list, so they should be more committed once they've joined. Test it to see whether this gets better results for you.